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We come together because we have a common north. We dream the same and build the path towards the goal of promoting a future without social inequalities, where each person, family, community and nation can grow and have access to a dignified life regardless of race, gender, color, age or age. socioeconomic status.

We are an alliance founded on sustainable human development and on the machinery that promotes citizen excellence through music education, fostering culture, the search for equality, resilience and passion for a tomorrow where peace is the universal value.

Together we build realities. We work so that each child and young person can have the opportunity of a promising future, putting access to culture and the collective practice of music as transformative tools, based on effort and the generation of values ​​to achieve each objective.

Today, together, we promote culture through the construction of the largest artistic-social music education project in the world.

Two decades of cooperation

The alliance between both organizations was born in 2001, on the occasion of the creation of what is now the National Center for Social Action for Music (CNASPM), home of El Sistema. This was the pillar that initially allowed us to join efforts in favor of a common goal: the human development of people. In this case, through the creation of opportunities that this pedagogical model offers to thousands of girls, boys and young people through training in a culture of peace and human values to achieve their full development.

Since then, cooperation between the two institutions has grown as El Sistema has expanded. Through its technical experience, UNDP has promoted the development of initiatives to respond to the logistical, operational and managerial challenges of this musical institution, based on the signing of different cooperation projects that have contributed to the organizational goals of El System.

Intersectoral support

The UNDP has accompanied and promoted actions together with El Sistema in the different operational and artistic areas of this institution, in order to support this initiative of national scope in the fulfillment of its highest objective: the social inclusion of millions of girls, boys and young Venezuelans.

Among the benefits that the cooperation with UNDP has reported for the System are:

Support in the construction of the Sala Simón Bolívar, emblematic space of the National Center for Social Action for Music in 2001.
The acquisition and provision of 113,222 musical instruments and 82,280 pieces of musical furniture.
Strengthening of operational management through 15 management training workshops on various topics.
Technological strengthening (digital repositories and internet connectivity) with the acquisition of 450 telecommunications equipment and 503 audio and video equipment.
Study and publication of the Human Development Notebook entitled Exemplary practices in social inclusion and culture of peace: National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela, published in 2015.
Hiring of world-renowned teachers for the realization of 5,787 master classes that have benefited 35,185 members (14,409 girls and 20,776 boys).
Logistic-operational management of 32 international tours.
Training and support in ensuring supplies for luthier workshops with master classes from 3 master luthiers and 68 specialized publications.
Support in the documentary Tocar y Luchar (2006), audiovisual production that contributed to make El Sistema internationally visible.
National and international visibility: development of activities to promote the Sustainable Development Goals.

Promotion of their role as agents of social change and coordination with other United Nations agencies in the country.

Promoters of Sustainable Human Development

The System was designated by the UNDP as a National Promoter of Sustainable Human Development in June 2019, given the characteristics of its pedagogical model, based on an inclusive methodology with high spiritual and human significance.

Human Development comprises the creation of an environment in which people can unfold their potential and lead a productive and creative life in accordance with their needs and interests. It involves expanding people’s opportunities. For this reason, the conception of the pedagogical model of El Sistema represents total harmony with the promotion of Sustainable Human Development and thus, with the global mandate of UNDP.

Under this role, UNDP and El Sistema have promoted how this pedagogical model contributes to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and values of the culture of peace and social inclusion.

I World Congress El Sistema

Within the framework of the intersectoral support provided to El Sistema, UNDP is sponsoring ally of this First Congress in order to accompany this institutional goal of bringing together all the experiences of the different models of musical education inspired by El Sistema present in the world, under the premise of Maestro José Antonio Abreu of the collective practice of music as a generator of the culture of peace and development of the peoples.

As UNDP is an organization present in more than 170 countries, and that promotes Sustainable Human Development on a global scale, it values and encourages the promotion with a global scope, of initiatives, actions and models with this common objective. Hence, we celebrate and join forces to achieve this first meeting of more than 60 musical programs, generators of social inclusion through the promotion of human values.


El Sistema in the world


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