Central America

Mapa participante centroamérica

These are the inspiration models corresponding to Central America: National System of Musical Education (SINEM), System of Orchestras of Guatemala-SOG, Fundación Artes Educativas Coros y Orquestas de Honduras (FARECOH), Sistema Nacional de Fomento Musical de México, Orquestando Armonía, Network of Children and Youth Orchestras and Choirs of Panama, Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico (Music Project 100×35), Classic Party Foundation, which are driven by the ideology and principles of our founding director, settling, within their own nature, in spaces application for music education, based on the teaching methodology of El Sistema that seeks its own social and artistic result at the national and international level.

Costa Rica

1. Sistema Nacional de Educación Musical (SINEM)

It is a decentralized institution, belonging to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports; With legal personality, in charge of promoting the creation and development of music schools, orchestra programs and special music promotion programs throughout the country, it currently has 21 schools distributed throughout the national territory.

The Sinem was created in 2007, in order to stimulate human development through music. It has special programs for Early Childhood Care, Music with Accessibility for All (focused on people with special educational needs) and Priority Care Programs, located in Obras del Espíritu Santo, National Children’s Hospital and Civic Centers for Peace.

Sinem offers the Costa Rican population an alternative for high-quality musical training and human development, aimed especially at girls, boys and adolescents, residents in areas of social risk, as well as inhabitants of areas far from the metropolitan area and the centers of major population.


1. Sistema de Orquestas de Guatemala-SOG

It is a non-profit organization that seeks the development, the promotion of values, the prevention of violence and the inclusion of the most vulnerable children and young people in the country, through the collective practice of music.

It is a development platform to cultivate in Guatemalan children and youth the values ​​necessary for their academic, intellectual, professional, spiritual, social and personal growth. It seeks to develop self-esteem, reduce leisure time, implement the use of moral values ​​in daily life, promote the culture of music in communities, provide tools for young people to dream and achieve their goals, positively impact results. adolescent academics, form positive leaders, promote teamwork and influence general behavior.

Musical groups are not only artistic structures, they are schools of social life where members practice moral values ​​day by day and impact their families and communities.


1. Fundación Artes Educativas Coros y Orquestas de Honduras (FARECOH)

This non-profit foundation was created by the pianist and percussionist Cristóbal Pineda. It is a model of excellence in Honduras, dedicated to the pedagogical, occupational and ethical rescue of childhood and youth, through the instruction and collective practice of the arts, (choral orchestral movement, theater, painting and dance) oriented to training, prevention and recovery of the most vulnerable groups in the country.


1. Red de Orquestas y Coros Infantiles y Juveniles de Panamá

The Network of Youth Orchestras and Choirs of Panama aims to be a tool for social transformation, violence prevention, reintegration and inclusion aimed at Panamanian children and youth through the method of collective teaching of music, generating orchestral programs. and corals in the country.

It was created on July 12, 2016 and has an enrollment of 2,700 girls, boys and young people. To date, they offer 4 musical programs: Special Education, Choral, Musical Initiation and Early Stimulation, and Orchestral.

Puerto Rico

1. Fiesta Clásica

Fundación Fiesta Clásica began its activities on January 23, 2017, when Mrs. Corinne Bouygues de Gobbi, president of the foundation, signed an academic agreement with Dr. Lourdes Sánchez, director of choirs representing El Sistema de Venezuela to implement the Venezuelan music teaching pedagogical model in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Following the vision of Maestro José Antonio Abreu, Fundación Fiesta Clásica aims at the spiritual growth of 200 students through the collective practice of music.

Fundación Fiesta Clásica has an academic director, an orchestral program director and a choral program director, 17 teachers, 12 classrooms, 612 hours of classes per month, 10 concerts or presentations per year (except during the 2020/2021 season).

During the 8 months of confinement in the Dominican Republic, the teachers have given 1,034 classes through Zoom, WhatsApp and Google Classroom with a cumulative participation of 13,127 students.

Currently, classes have returned to their almost normal rhythm for the following groups: Children’s Choir, Youth Choir, Children’s Orchestra, Youth Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra and our most recent Musical Initiation Program.

República Dominicana

1. Programa Música 100×35

The Music Program 100×35 is a System of Youth and Children’s Orchestras and Choirs created in 2010 as a project of the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, modeled on the basis of El Sistema.

After its implementation, the Project was supported by the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico, through the creation of Law 94, 2012, which makes it possible for Música 100×35 to become a public corporation attached to the Conservatory.

The Program promotes social development and rescue through musical education, giving massive access to Puerto Rican children and youth, especially those with low resources, turning music into an instrument to motivate, dignify, unite and progress.

Since its inception, the Program has touched the lives of 4,800 children and young people from 3 to 18 years old, who have known a brighter face of life thanks to music, as members of some of the orchestras that give substance to this effort: the Rhythmic Band, the Paper Orchestra, the Vivaldi and Mozart Orchestras, the Children’s Symphony Orchestra, the Puerto Rican Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Children’s and Youth Choirs.


El Sistema in the world


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