This year, the second edition of the World Congress of El Sistema is focused on the commemoration of the legacy of Maestro José Antonio Abreu Anselmi, as a meeting and exchange of knowledge and academicexperiences, which is projected as a time to interpret the various perspectives and tools that contribute to the development of training models inspired by El Sistema, from a global vision of musical art and its impact on the social work, as the primary ideology of our founding director.

The National System of Youth and Childrens Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela is  a structure in a perpetual dynamic of transformation and adaptation to the changing  circumstances of the world. This premise motivates us to maintain channels that  allow music to be part of the daily life of each individual and the very hope of the universe. Integer id suscipit velit, id sollicitudin arcu. Curabitur sit amet facilisis nisi. Cras et lacus sed quam auctor posuere. 

Gallery of images and videos

of the II World Congress El Sistema

The dream of Master José Antonio Abreu

Since 1975, in a rehearsal room with a few musicians, was born what today is the  project of social inclusion through music: The National System of Youth andChildren Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela; whose philosophy and methodology was the product of the tireless work and incalculable vision of one of the most illustrious Venezuelans: Maestro José Antonio Abreu. . Read more…


Eduardo Méndez

Executive Director 

From an early age he began to study violin at the nuclei of    El Sistema in Mérida. He was professor and violinist of the Simón Bolívar Orchestra. Since 2003, he has held the positions of head of the Academic Division, national director of “Nuclei” (music centers) and sectorial director of Academic Music.  (…)

Schedule II World Congress The System | September 2023


Academic Theme

Describe the experiences and academic projections of musical programs inspired by El Sistema, with the purpose of interpreting the set of its structures, methodologies, pedagogical dynamics and its impact on the integral development of children and youth. 

Social Theme

Interpret the results, experiences and best practices of the social, cultural and human development impact of music education and the collective practice of music in the students, representatives and trainers of the various programs. 

Research Theme

 Exchange, documentation, methodological construction and dissemination of scientific knowledge about the practices and experiences of El Sistema and the programs inspired by the Institution

Artistic Theme

Share and reflect on the experiences and projects of artistic nature that develop programs, what are the perspectives in terms of artistic programming for social and human development of children and young musicians. 
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