A day full of faith marked the initial meeting of the I El Sistema World Congress

From the presentation of the philosophical bases, through the organizational structure and experiences of collective practice, to the creative process of composition, the programming for this September 28 reaffirmed the commitment to continue taking music beyond academic learning

Analysis of goals and achievements focused on the second day of the I El Sistema World Congress

A rich agenda for understanding the fundamental aspects in the social development of musical programs and their impact on communities; as well as the review of the artistic processes, the concert and the rehearsal were approached by a score of invited speakers for the exhibitions of this September 29.

I World Congress El Sistema reaffirms our spirit towards a culture of peace

Continue paving the way to achieve access to music as a universal right, with a sense of inclusion and equal opportunities, are some of the conclusions that are included in the manifesto that closed this global meeting with the participation of more than 60 inspired programs In Venezuela.


El sistema en el mundo - Miniatura


Ponencias y Conversatorios



The National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela is a structure in perpetual dynamics of transformation and adaptation to the changing circumstances of the world. This premise motivates us to establish channels that allow music to be the heritage of the daily life of each individual and the very hope of the universe.

Today, we establish this link with the countries that implement the musical teaching model inspired by El Sistema, to together recognize ourselves, connect and initiate steps that allow us to foster a space to strengthen ties of cooperation, complementarity and solidarity with our international allies. , where we can learn about and share the various perspectives and tools that assist in the development of training models inspired by El Sistema, as envisioned by Master José Antonio Abreu and which earned him to be designated, in 1998, Ambassador by Unesco in recognition of his “contribution to the promotion of the ideals of the Organization and his personal commitment to the promotion of art and intercultural dialogue through the Youth Orchestra”.

Since August 2020, at El Sistema we have been holding a series of meetings, conversations and forums with models or internationally inspired musical programs. These events have allowed an exchange of knowledge and strategies to continue bringing artistic training with social criteria to children and young people from different parts of the planet.

By virtue of the good reception that the carrying out of these academic activities with these models from countries located in the 5 continents has had, in El Sistema we have proposed the development of the I El Sistema World Congress, where we will participate simultaneously with more than 60 musical programs inspired by our institution to share themes, developments, methods, philosophies, opportunities and performances, both academic and artistic.

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