General Objective

Promote a space for strengthening ties of cooperation, complementarity and solidarity with our international allies, with which we can learn about and share the various perspectives and tools that assist in the development of training models inspired by The System, and in which topics are addressed. of global interest and relevance.


Specific objectives

  • Strengthen institutional ties that benefit both the programs and their members, by creating an active network that promotes social transformation through the collective practice of music.


  • Dialogue about the organizational from the experiences, methods, philosophies, opportunities and performances to channel the teaching of collective practice and artistic growth, according to the needs of each participating program.


  • Reflect on music as an agent of social change and its impact on society, trends and practices of educational innovation, to contribute to the massification of a social gear, and thus, provide opportunities to as many beneficiaries as possible applicable to the diverse own cultures.


  • Establish and implement relevant and adequate training on child and youth protection.


  • Know the strategies implemented for Fundraising in the various programs and share best practices in fundraising for institutional operation.


  • Guide the formation of The World System, through the philosophy, experience and method of the collective practice of music, created by Maestro José Antonio Abreu, in 1975, adaptable to any circumstance or need, which allows social inclusion without distinction of race, gender, color, age or socioeconomic status, to promote culture, resilience and peace as a universal value.
Objetivos Especificos


El Sistema in the world


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